Cappadocia is a place that captures you before you even get there. Its unique geography, topography, geology, flora, routes, mountains, rocks and challenges captivate you. You see and perceive its layers separately while you wander in the geography. These separate layers superimpose on a magical cloud: The rock coves you look up on, the extraordinary mountains that blend into the horizon, the valleys in various colors and textures that pass through them, the odd urbanization… Shaped by nature’s forces and human hand, Cappadocia is a challenging "place" to comprehend and describe. But it is a place you will want to spend more time to understand.

The Cappadocia Regional Museum will focus on Cappadocia and its areas of influence, which contain important prehistoric sites in Central Anatolia. The aim is to shed light on the lesser known history of the relations between nature and humanity through Cappadocian examples of the Anatolian archeology. This museum, which focuses on prehistoric life and environment in different themes, will exhibit archeological objects and geological specimens from several prehistoric sites in Cappadocia to expose
the similarities and differences of human development within the region as well as the impact of interregional exchange. Thus, the story of the prehistoric period described in the museum will highlight the Neolithic development in Anatolia.

The area designated as Cappadocia Regional Museum is an 80-year-old quarry. The main point of the design is to preserve the rock and the marks left in this old quarry while repurposing it as a museum. With this idea, the quarry space was partially reinforced and remodeled as a museum, multipurpose hall, and library. However, in order to refine and preserve the space, it was necessary to produce solutions for the functions that could not take place in the rock block.

The reception building was conceived as a blockage structure to contain the impact of mass tourism that could damage the rock. Restaurants, souvenir shops, ticket sales as well as a series of functions such as services for buses and vehicles in the parking area were resolved in and around the reception building.

The reception building was conceived as a small stone quarry. Inspired by the form of the old quarry, stones and rocks extracted from the site were used for the design. The material from the small quarry was used not only to construct the reception building but also certain elements of the museum in the rock. They were used, in various sizes, as gridlocks and orientation structures for passageways in the rock as well as components for landscape design.

Cappadocia Museum is a project for remedial and peaceful re-adaptation where the rock extracted from the geography returns to its place... Taking shelter in what already exists, instead of creating more…

  • LocationAvanos, Nevşehir
  • Project Type Museum Exhibition, Culture
  • Client T.C. Culture and Tourism Ministry
  • Project Year 2016
  • Construction Area 4000m²
  • Ground Area 49000m²
  • Project Status Under Construction
  • Project Team: Ömer Selçuk Baz, Architect
  • Okan Bal, Urban Planner
  • Ece Özdür, Architect
  • Simge Kutsal, Architect
  • Elif Tuğçe Sarıhan, Architect
  • Ege Battal, Architect
  • Burçin Akcan, Architect
  • Cihan Poçan, Photographer
  • Firdevs Ermiş, Architect
  • Atakan Koca, Architect
  • Curatorial Design: Deniz Ünsal
  • Ayça Bayrak
  • Derya Acuner
  • Landscape Design: Cey Peyzaj
  • Static Project: Parlar Mühendislik
  • Mechanical Project: MKB Mühendislik
  • Electrical Project: Ovacık Mühendislik
  • Lighting Design: O2 Tasarım
  • Consultant Team: Murat Gülyaz
  • Prof. Mihriban Özbaşaran
  • Prof. Fikri Kulakoğlu
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Okşan Başoğlu
  • Prof. Dr. Tamer Topal
  • Aslı Özbay, Restorer Architect
  • Model: Murat Küçük, Architect
quarry in spring
environmental color / texture / landscape
close-up view of the rock
through the rock
rock survey
concept sketch


entrance structure and rock
site plan
entrance design
entrance building
entrance building / detail section
stone weave


journey in the rock

rock / entrance door

rock / entrance to exhibition

rock / exhibition

rock / exhibition

rock model
rock / entrance door
rock / entrance to exhibition
rock / exhibition
rock / exhibition
rock / exhibition
from building site