İmaret (almshouse) section inside of Süleymaniye Külliyesi which is reserved for design, is the old stable areas of the lower elevation. It is possible to enter the 900 m2 section from the courtyard with a door from the northwest side (Vefa Mahallesi). The same courtyard can be reached from the northern wall of the Süleymaniye Mosque courtyard.

On the west side of the İmaret (almshouse) section, the large transition area connecting Külliye to Vefa Mahallesi was used as a rear entrance of the Stable area. Today, the door leading to the passage with the stairs is located under the street level with stairs.

On the other hand, it is thought to display a rich content in the inventory of Vakıflar Genel Müdürlüğü (Regional Directorate for Foundations) in the stables of the Süleymaniye Külliyesi, which is also a part of the foundation.

The exhibition will focus on the historical construction and use of the Suleymaniye Vakfı, as well as the concept and productions of the Vakıf (Foundation), its communication with the social life and its expansions.

The first principle of the new museum design is to produce a flexible, transparent design that can be easily transformed or eliminated in future changes without interfering with the historical building.

In this framework, a platform-raised wooden flooring will be applied inside the structure, which does not interfere with the walls and ceilings. This floor will accommodate all mechanical and electrical installation requirements.

Visitors walking on the raised floor will be able to perceive and experience the existing historical structure to a great extent with the display elements constructed as transparent or without glass.

  • LocationEminönü, İstanbul
  • Project Type Museum Exhibition, Culture
  • Project Year 2016
  • Project Status Under Construction

Project Team:

  • Ömer Selçuk Baz, Architect
  • Okan Bal, Urban Planner
  • Burçin Akcan, Architect
  • Ece Özdür, Architect
  • Mustafa Ege Battal, Architect
  • Simge Kutsal, Architect
  • Visualization: Cihan Poçan, Photographer
  • Curatorial Design: Deniz Ünsal
  • Mahir Polat
  • Derya Acuner

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